Study History

This study was initially piloted in the Winter 2015 term at the University of Michigan, as the Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct, a collaboration between SoundRocket and researchers and staff at the University of Michigan.  After this initial pilot, the survey was offered up to a limited set of additional schools to demonstrate that it can be converted into a national survey.  During the Spring of 2016, the survey completed its transition to a multi-institutional study when it was fielded as the at New York University and the University of New Mexico.  Since then, the study has been implemented at a variety of campuses among student, staff, and faculty populations.

Study Collaborators

SoundRocket has partnered with the University of Michigan to offer this service, based on the pilot study conducted at the University of Michigan in the spring of 2015.  The study team, led by Dr. William Axinn, has built a culture of science throughout all aspects of this research.  We invite schools to be part of this growing collaboration.

About SoundRocket

SoundRocket was founded in 2004 as the Survey Sciences Group, LLC, by University of Michigan-trained survey methodologist Scott D. Crawford. The Survey Sciences Group, LLC changed its name in the fall of 2014 to SoundRocket. SoundRocket is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has worked with hundreds of researchers around the world in the field of social science research.  

SoundRocket’s mission is to develop innovative, science-guided survey methodology practices and services and deliver them to the global community of social science researchers. Visit for more information.