A Premium Custom Study with a Standard Design Base

The NCCS is designed as a premium custom study for institutions who are pursuing a top quality data collection.   However, we understand that not everyone has the same level of resources to put towards the study.  As such, we provide a Standard Design Base that provides a platform on which a custom study may be built.  

We are here to assist you in designing the best NCCS implementation to meet your needs.

The Standard Design Base

Designed to achieve 15-30% response rate following national trends.

The Standard Design Base service is a significant step up from a “do it yourself” approach. This service level utilizes a questionnaire that was designed collaboratively by a team of topical experts,
survey experts and higher education administrators. The scientifically rigorous instrument design and
study implementation produces results that institutions can use to assess Title IX policies and

Standard Design Base Includes:

  • Web-based survey customization and programming
  • Simple random sample of up to 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students
  • Email invitation & up to four reminder emails (sent only to nonresponders)
  • Inclusion in the national (across all NCCS participating institutions) random drawing incentive to win one of ten $100 VISA/MC/Amex gift cards
  • Up to five custom questions designed by your institution and added to the end of the questionnaire
  • Support from a dedicated study coordinator
  • Assistance with navigating IRB requirements (if necessary)
  • A marketing toolkit to help promote the survey and a suggested public relations protocol including
    example text for announcements, email distributions, etc.
  • An analytic case level dataset (de-identified) including survey responses received from students at
    your school (NOTE:  Schools may opt to not receive their case level dataset if they prefer.)
  • A summary report including:
    • A methodological overview
    • Response distributions for all items in the survey for your institution
    • Limited advanced analytics for key analyses

Premium Customizations

Designed to maximize the effort, raising the survey methodology to a comparable level to federally funded scientific studies. 
When implemented at the University of Michigan, the Premium Customizations model achieved a 67% response rate.  Ask the NCCS staff to learn how that was accomplished.

Designing the right study will require several discussions with the NCCS team - so that we fully understand your goals.  We can design the right study for you - and provide you with the cost.  Or, often schools will define their budget - and after learning about your priorities, we can provide a custom solution that maximizes your results.

Some of the services offered in the Premium Customization service include:

  • Study Design Customizations

    • A responsive design with at least two phases designed to maximize quality throughout the data
      collection component of the study. Specifically, most commonly, a Phase 2 data collection will include
      telephone and face-to-face contacts using an interviewer-assisted data collection strategy with
      professional trained interviewers.
  • Sampling Customizations

    • Customized stratified sampling to help meet local analytic goals
    • Additional sample above and beyond the standard (If you would like to offer an anonymous version of
      the survey to all students above and beyond the scientific sample, this can be done!)
    • Option to include comparison samples
  • Incentive Customizations

    • Local incentives that go above and beyond the gift card sweepstakes drawing
    • A cash post-paid cash incentive paid to each student who completes the survey and elects to receive
      the incentive by providing an accurate mailing address
  • Invitation / Respondent Communication Customizations

    • A U.S. mail pre-notification letter sent to each invited student (institutions provide addresses)
  • Analytic Customizations

    • Nonresponse weighting (available if institution is able to provide case level data on key demographics
      for all students in the selected sample, and provided the NCCS determines that such weights are
      methodologically useful)
    • Nonresponse analysis (if applicable)