Enrollment and Participation Fees

The Standard Base Design Participation Fee is $7,500.  (This is made up of an initial $2,500 nonrefundable enrollment fee, plus a $5,000 participation fee.)  

For schools selecting Premium Customizations, a full price and payment schedule will be provided once the specifics have been determined.  However, Premium Customization schools are still required to pay the $2,500 nonrefundable enrollment fee on enrollment. 

School Payment Terms

The following terms will apply to school payments:

  • Schools must pay $2,500 nonrefundable fee to be considered enrolled.  No preparation will be conducted until this fee is paid.
  • The full Participation Fee must be paid/received at least 30 days prior to the launch of data collection.  No data collection will take place without having received complete payment.  Additionally, for Premium Custom schools, the Participation Fee must be paid prior to the start of some Premium Custom services.
  • School fees will be invoiced and are due within 30 days. Payments over 90 days will be assessed a 3% late charge.
  • Schools with unpaid balances after 30 days may have their participation status suspended and all work will cease until full payment is received.

Refund Policy

Schools may decide to cancel their participation in the NCCS and to have their fees refunded according to the policy below.

Nonrefundable Enrollment Fees are nonrefundable and will not be refunded.

Full Participation Fees (excluding Enrollment Fees) may be refunded in full if cancellation is received by SoundRocket in writing no later than September 1 (of the year prior to a spring term data collection) or March 1 (of the spring prior to a fall term data collection).

50% of the Participation Fee will be refunded for cancellations after September 1 but before December 1 (of the year prior to a spring term data collection) or after March 1 but before June 1 (of the spring/summer prior to a fall term data collection).

There are no refunds after December 1 of the year before a spring data collection, or July 1 prior to a fall data collection.  

NOTE1: Enrollment late in the process, including after cancellation date(s) listed above, must still comply with the cancellation schedule listed to receive a refund.

NOTE2: Refund amounts, while communicated in % and actual amounts, will be calculated using actual amounts whenever a partial payment is received. For example, consider a Standard Design Base school, and having paid a total of $5,000 ($2,500 in nonrefundable enrollment fee and $2,500 towards the participation fee), cancels on November 1. This school will have $0 refunded, as the the refund amount for cancellation on November 1 would be 50% of the $5,000 Participation Fee.  If a school has paid less than the refund amount on cancellation, it will be invoiced for the difference.