New Webinar Scheduled: NCCS102 - New York Enough is Enough Law Compliance

The NCCS announces a new webinar: NCCS103 - Can Campus climate Surveys Accurately Predict Sexual Assault Reporting? on May 26, 2016 @ 1:00 PM EDT.

To register, click here:

The National Campus Climate Survey (NCCS) is the premier survey for institutions of higher education regarding sexual assault and related topics. Initially piloted at the University of Michigan in January 2015, achieving greater than a 67% response rate and gaining immediate national attention for the quality of the data it produced, the NCCS provides you with actionable results that are customized to your institution. 

With recent New York based institutions participating, the study has put in the effort to become compliant with the New York State Enough is Enough Law. 

Come learn more about the NCCS and how it meets NY State law! 

The webinar will include the following agenda: 
1. Introductions
2. NCCS History
3. NCCS as a Service
4. New York State Enough is Enough Law Compliance
5. How to enroll your school
6. Questions