The design for this study intentionally limits direct access between university employees and the students who are being surveyed. SoundRocket maintains a firewall of confidentiality throughout data collection. Consistent with standard social science survey practices, SoundRocket uses encryption technologies (including SSL for all web-based interfaces) and adheres to strict guidelines to maintain data security and confidentiality.

SoundRocket has been collecting sensitive data from college student populations at hundreds of institutions of higher education for over 10 years and has demonstrated expertise in handling confidential data. Communications, staff training, processes, and quality checks are all enacted in a way to minimize risk of disclosure. SoundRocket agrees to be held to the same standards prescribed by your university’s IRB to protect respondents before, during, and after this study.

During the course of this study, no university employee will come into contact with any identifying information about any individual survey respondent in a way that would allow them to link survey response to individual identity. All staff, including interviewers, are SoundRocket employees and/or contractors. SoundRocket will at all times keep the identities and the responses of individual survey respondents strictly confidential. SoundRocket will not disclose any identifying information about survey respondents to study partners, Participating Schools in the NCCS or any third party, without either the approval of an Institutional Review Board or the consent of each respondent whose identity is disclosed. Only SoundRocket employees or contractors who are directly involved in the implementation of the NCCS and who have met minimum requirements established by SoundRocket for vendors who come into contact with confidential data will have access to individual respondent contact information.This fact is openly discussed during contacts with respondents so that they are assured that their responses will not be linked back to them.

After the study is complete, and adequate time is provided for quality assurance checks, SoundRocket will destroy all identifiable data (electronic and paper) that was received during the course of the effort.

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